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Portable Emergency Oxygen Kit with Carrier Stand and 20 Essential Items(01-67)


Emergency Oxygen Unit with Carrier Stand.

Includes items recommended by the Resuscitation Council to be ready for immediate use:

Protective Equipment - gloves, apron, eye protection

Pocket Mask with Oxygen Port

Portable Suction

Airways sizes 0,1,2,3,4

Self-inflating Bag with Reservoir - Adult

Self Inflating Bag with Reservoir - Child

Clear Face Masks for Self-inflating Bag sizes 1,2,3,4

Oxygen Mask with Reservoir - Child

Oxygen Mask with Reservoir - Adult

Oxygen Tubing (with Cannula)

Carry Case included.

D Size Cylinder not included - this is available from medical gas companies such as Air Liquide.

This unit can be ready to use in minutes during an emergency.

This unit is also available for an 'E' size cylinder  with a wheeled truck provided in place of the carrier stand. 

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